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Waterloo History

Located about 4 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD, Waterloo was named after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 when the Allied and Prussian forces defeated the French forces under Napolean Bonaparte.
Predominantly a working class area, Waterloo had undergone gentrification in the 2000s which saw the development of a mainly IT business district and parks. The renewal attracted more affluent residents thereby elevating Waterloo’s median individual income to slightly above the national average by 2006.


Waterloo’s residents of about 10,657 are relatively young with a median age of 32 years which is below the national average of 37 years. About 7% of the population are aged 14 years and below and 13% are aged 65 years and above.
Most of the residents work in professional, managerial and clerical/administrative positions. The median weekly income is $535/- for individuals and $1,492/- for families.


This suburb is well served by buses to the Sydney CBD. The railway network is within easy access from the Green Square underground railway station on the Airport line and the Redfern railway station. With a good road access, cars are popular way of getting around for residents.

Centres of Commerce

Being close to the city, Sydney’s large shopping centres which are about a few minutes by car or by public transport, serve most of the residents’ shopping needs. However, there are local retail shops, café, food court along Bourke Street for the convenience of residents.

Housing Profile

Most of the dwellings in Waterloo are flats, units and apartments which make up about 81% of total housing. About 12% are semi-detached and terrace houses and 1% are detached houses.

                                                                                                       Houses                            Units
                                        Median house price                            $806,000                         $691,000
                                        Median weekly rent                            $695                                 $615
                                        Rental yield                                           4.5%                                 4.6%