LLB Accountants Serve Terrey Hills



About LLB Accountants

Our range of accounting and auditing services includes:

• Business advice and monitoring
• SMSF (self-managed super funds) setup and services
• Trusts
• Auditing
• Financial statement preparation
• Budgeting • GST advice
• BAS preparation
• Company incorporation
• Tax planning/advice

General Information

Forming part of the Northern Beaches region and located not too far away at about 25 kilometres from the Sydney CBD is the suburb of Terrey Hills. The suburb was named after two landowners, Samuel Hills and Obediah James Terrey. As Aborigines were the original inhabitants, there are rock carvings of hunting scenes and footprints found in the suburb, showing how lifestyles were like in the past.


Terrey Hills is regarded as one of the smaller suburbs of Sydney with only approximately 2980 people residing in the area. The suburb has a median age of 41 years which is 3 years higher than NSW’s average. The most common backgrounds of residents are English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and German. Professionals make up my majority jobs held by residents, followed by people in managerial positions and administrative workers.


The most common form of public transport are buses. Services include to Belrose, Macquarie Park and other nearby suburbs.
Commuting by car is also popular with residents, with many preferring to drive to work and other places.

Commercial area

Most of the commercial activity are located on Mona Vale Road, and consists of companies from a range of industries including agricultural, home improvements, tourism and more.


Separate houses in Terrey Hills account for about 90% of all dwellin