LLB Accountants Serve Sydney CBD



About LLB Accountants

Our range of accounting and auditing services includes:

• Business advice and monitoring
• SMSF (self-managed super funds) setup and services
• Trusts
• Auditing
• Financial statement preparation
• Budgeting • GST advice
• BAS preparation
• Company incorporation
• Tax planning/advice

General Information

Sydney CBD is the direct heart of NSW and has a long history dating back to the arrival of the first European settlers.
Since then, it has evolved into a major commercial hub and many multinational companies have set up a presence there.
It is also a popular international destination for tourists, both local and overseas with a myriad of speciality stores and places of attraction.


Sydney CBD has a population density of approximately 14,308 people. It is made up predominantly of younger residents with a median age of 29 years. As with any other suburb, locals make up the bulk of the people with the rest being mostly international students coming from all around the world but mostly from the Asia and European countries. The bulk of its residents are employed on a full time basis with them being mainly in the professional field. However, there is a considerable number of people working in managerial jobs as well as in the administrative sector.


Being a major commercial hub, public transport are plentiful throughout the area and the most preferred form of transport. There are train lines extending to all parts of the Sydney metro area and to the wider regions of Sydney. Travellers are provided with many options, with bus services and the Sydney light rail arriving at regular intervals.

Commercial area

Sydney CBD is primarily a commercial district. Many international brands and companies are present and there is an abundance of goods and services provided. Apart from business, Sydney CBD is also rich in entertainment options. There are numerous cinemas, parks, local and international live productions, night stalls and much more.


Due to the premium cost of land, units and apartments are the most popular form of housing, accounting for more than 97% of total dwellings. The remainder are comprised of separate houses or semi-detached.