LLB Accountants Serve Berkshire Park



About LLB Accountants

Our services include:

• Business advice and monitoring
• SMSF (self-managed super funds) setup and services
• Trusts
• Auditing
• Financial statement preparation
• Budgeting • GST advice
• BAS preparation
• Company incorporation
• Tax planning/advice

History of Berkshire Park

Berkshire Park is located about 55 kilometres north west of the Sydney CBD. The suburb was believed to be named after the Berkshire County in the United Kingdom. Landlord Richard Rouse got married in North Hinksey which was then part of Berkshire. It was thought that he chose the name Berkshire for the suburb.


The population of Berkshire Park is about 1,706. The suburb residents are relatively young with the median age of 32 years. Australian, Maltese, English, Irish and Scottish are the most common descendants. Most of the residents are employed as clerical staff, technicians and labourers.


As the suburb is in a semi-rural area of Sydney, public transport options are limited. As such, most residents rely on cars for commuting and travel to places.


There are some commercial activity in the area comprising a waste management centre and a few other businesses.


Detached housing is the most common residential dwelling, with townhouses comprising just under 3% of the dwellings.