LLB Accountants Serve Arcadia




About LLB Accountants

We provide a full range of accounting and audit services which includes:

• Business advice and monitoring
• SMSF (self-managed super funds) setup and services
• Financial statement preparation
• Auditing • BAS preparation
• Company incorporation
• Tax planning/advice
• GST Advice • Budgeting

History of Arcadia

Arcadia is located in the Upper North Shore Sydney region about 42 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. The name came from a region in Greece called Arcadia. Originally, the name was used for a public school, but eventually the suburb adopted the same name.


The population of Arcadia is approximately 1,305, while its median age is 40 years. The residents are mostly of Australian, English, Scottish, Irish and Italian descent. The most common occupations are professionals, managers, technicians/tradesperson, clerical staff and community workers.


As the suburb is semi-rural, bus is the main form of public transportation.
However, most of the residents in the suburb prefer to commute by car to work and from place to place.


As Arcadia is predominantly a semi-rural residential area, its main commercial developments are related to farming and agriculture, including garden nurseries and fruit produce.


Almost all residential dwellings in Arcadia are separate houses, with a small number of townhouses.