All companies must comply with ASIC regulations


The regulatory requirements of ASIC are fairly straight forward. They are also very easily overlooked. On the list of things that any business owner wants to deal with in any given day, complying with ASIC rules is probably the last thing on a business owner's mind. However, ASIC does not hesitate to levy fines and penalties on non-compliant companies.


That is why LLB Accountants came up with a solution to this. We offer a service which provides company secretarial and ASIC compliance services to small and medium enterprises.


We offer the following services in relation to ASIC compliance:


1) Maintaining corporate registers of members, office holders, shareholders and meetings

2) Maintaining your company's Registered Office

3) Advising you about your responsibilities in relation to company solvency

4) Preparing and lodging the Company Annual Return

5) Helping you to ensure your financial records are appropriately maintained in line with audit requirements


The requirements of ASIC overlap obligations companies have with tax obligations of companies. Therefore, we offer our company secretarial and ASIC compliance services at a reduced rates to all our business tax clients.


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